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What are Grubs and How Bad are they for Your Lawn?


Grub control is an essential part of the annual lawn care and maintenance routine to keep the soil and plants healthy. Grub control products are the most sought out lawn care products after fertilizers, weed killers, and grass seeds. Grubs in your lawn can damage it to a large extent if not treated on time. You can have a thorough grub inspection to identify the affected areas with active grubs and apply a curative Grub Treatment on time.

What are grubs in your lawn?

Grubs are active but immature larval and eggs of several insects, beetles, chafers, and other species that live on your soil and plants. They feed on soil nutrients and grass roots to damage the soil structure and its fertility level. Grass at your lawn can tolerate grub feeding at some level but you need to treat them on time to avoid the patches of thinning turf. If you leave these patches untreated, they will cover your entire lawn after a few months.

How bad are they?

A grub infection in your lawn is bad and requires immediate treatment. They are a living threat to your lawn. Grubs feed on grass roots in their earlier stage but, after turning into adult beetles and chafers, they can even eat plant leave and followers. It can damage the beauty of your lawn. Active grubs in your lawn also attract animals like crows, moles, and raccoons. These animals can dig in the lawn to ruin all your hard work.

How to know if you have grubs in your lawn?

Take a shovel to dig a section of your lawn where you suspect grub infection. Peel up that section of grass and soil. The grass can be easily peeled up from the soil if there is any grub infection. Make sure to cut a cross-section of one square-foot to count the number of grubs – the while little monsters - present. It will help you to identify whether or not you need to apply Grub Treatment. A healthy lawn and soil can easily feed and support a population of zero to five Grubs or even nine per square foot. The problem is when there are more than nine grubs per square foot. You can take help from this:

  • 0-5: No need to treat.
  • 6-9: No need to treat in a healthy lawn
  • 10 or more: You can easily see visible damage and infection that requires your immediate attention.

When you consider Grub Treatment to kill those white little monsters in your lawn, timing is the key. Early fall or mid-to-late summer is the best time to apply grub control products for the treatment. You can buy grub control insecticides from any reputed seller of Lawn Care Products in your region. Make sure to get a product that offers preventive formula with its active ingredients for the most effective grub treatment in your lawn.