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WEED B GON MAX 1L weed control Concentrate for Lawns

WEED B GON MAX 1L weed control Concentrate for Lawns

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Weed B Gon won't harm your lawn. It helps keeping nasty weeds, dandelion and white clover away from your lawn! 

This product is available in all provinces of Canada!

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WEED B GON 32 oz. PLUS. CONCENTRATE Weed B Gon weed control is a high powered and selective lawn weed killer that is able to select and kill the weeds in your lawn. Our weed control for lawns treatment is specially formulated after a lot of testing so that it can filtrate into the soil where the weeds exist. The beauty of our products is that they contain a component to get rid of weeds while giving your lawn a lift and will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your lawn looking greener, more vibrant, and healthier all year round. Weed Control for Lawns Made Easy The best lawn weed control provides an ideal mechanism that will target all annual grass-type weeds like winter grass, crowfoot, summer grass, and more on your turf and stops new seedlings in their tracks. The active ingredients in our products are completely safe. Since it is non-toxic, you can be assured that it won’t affect your family or your fur babies. It kills unwanted weeds within one hour of usage and is rain-proof. It won’t harm the sod in the vicinity. It can also treat large areas in farms, companies, and industries, making it ideal for usage. This treatment contains three proven weed killers to control lawn weeds and it can be used in tank sprayers and hose-end sprayers as well. If you want to safely control weeds at home then this is the best solution for you. Safe for Use Weed Control Our products are safe to use in community areas, from schools to parks, sports grounds, and even in backyards, stadiums, driveways, and more. It helps to reduce toxins from the eco-system unlike other harmful chemical products and protect your soil and your plants' health. Weed B Gon can even be used for spot treatment in kitchen gardens, balconies, and even in potted plants at home. It provides rapid action and doesn’t require bright heat or sunlight to work. It leaves no lasting residue and smell around the house and can easily be hosed away after a couple of days. We Ship Everywhere in Canada Our Weed B Gon concentrate can treat up to 5,000 sq. feet of land and is delivered to all provinces of Canada, including Ontario and Quebec. We deliver our products professionally and fast, within three to seven business days. Get in Touch with Us In case you have any questions or comments, you can drop by our store and let our professionally skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced staff guide you to picking the right product or give us a call on 1 800 350 3693 or email us at and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours. Our products are widely popular and are incredibly effective and maintaining a lush green and healthy lawn. So give us a call today to get rid of those unwanted weeds.