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Things You Should Know About Lawn Weed Control

Just like uninvited guests at your home, weeds are unwanted elements in your lawn. They not only diminish the overall look of your lawn but also crowd out your healthy grasses. They start taking over and negatively impact the growth of the grasses in your lawn. But the best is you can control lawn weeds, unlike your guests.

In this post, we will discuss the tips to get a weed-free lawn and other details related to Lawn Weed Control.

Tips for getting rid of a lawn full of weeds

  • You should examine your lawn closely to know the type of weeds you have to deal with. Based on your examination, you should select the lawn weed control weeds from a reputable supplier. It’s because every weed type requires specific treatment.
  • Other than the products, you should choose the right treatment based on the weed type and stage it's in. For example, to target weeds before the growing season, you will need a pre-emergent. On the other hand, for fully developed weeds, you will need post-emergent.
  • Read the instructions mentioned on the products carefully to make sure the application goes safe and the result is great. Before starting, know the process to apply and the right time to use it.
  • You should keep up with a proper lawn maintenance schedule to keep it weed-free now and forever. We recommend hiring professionals for Lawn Maintenance Services.

Tips for killing the weeds without killing the grasses in your lawn

As discussed above, the pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are prepared for killing weeds in your lawn. The herbicides are strong and harmful to your healthy grasses, but only if they are used inappropriately. So for killing weeds without killing the grasses, you should select the right lawn weed control products and apply them correctly.

People often increase the prescribed quantity to get quick results. You need to understand that weeds take around 2 weeks to die. Sometimes, the time extends if the weather is extremely hot, cold, or dry. So you shouldn’t increase the quantity as it will severely impact the grasses.

Tips for getting rid of lawn weeds naturally 

Natural methods are always recommended for environmental benefits. So along with using the right lawn care control products, you should implement natural methods as well.

For treating the lawn weeds naturally, you should spray vinegar directly on weeds. It will dry out the plant leaves and will kill everything that’s above the ground.

You should pick vinegar that contains more than the standard 5% acetic acid. With this method, you can kill 80 to 100% of weed’s top growth.

Weeds were, are, and will never be good for your lawn, so treat them as soon as you spot even one. If you delay the Lawn Weed Control process, it will poorly impact your lawn and lead to permanent damage.