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Easy to use and very effective product. Killex is a very well-known brand with wide use of it. This weed control product will not harm your grass and it control over 50 different types of lawn weed. There is no mixing required for this attach and spray killex. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Paul Watson


Tex Farrell

This is so affective in weed control I recommend it to neighbors

Would not buy again - doesn't work as advertised

First of all the spray bottle is TERRIBLE. Attached to hose and spray uncontrollably in all directions. Pretty much useless. Secondly, the product itself only kind of works. A week in and some weeds have browned leaves but mostly still alive at the roots. Stay away from this product.

Sundeep Singh
worked to kill weed

User friendly. I attached hoes and sprayed over my green house. It did get rid of weed and unwanted stuff. Very easy to use.

Laci Cornali
Highly recommend!

The only product that I have ever seen and used that was successful in the removal of weeds. One application, and within 1 week, weeds were showing visible signs of dying.


Attach and Spray Killex Lawn Weed Control Dandelions, and other kinds of weeds are going to show their faces on your lawn this spring whether you like it or not. If you cannot tolerate their short-lived bloom or their seeds’ journey from your neighbor’s lawn and have tried several ways to get rid of them including pulling them out, cutting them down, or invested in countless expensive weed killers that seem to have no effect and do more harm than good then we at Lawn Supplements have the perfect option for you. Understanding Killex: The Perfect Lawn Weed Control If you are looking for other ways to getting rid of weeds, Lawn Supplements present our attach-and-spray Killex lawn weed control. Our online weedkiller is one of the best treatment options available for any sort of out-of-control weeds in your back and front yards. So, what makes this weedkiller special? Killex is a very well-known brand and our products are easy to use, effective, and formulated to kill all types of weeds and moss without harming the grass. You can use this lawn weed control on walkways, driveways, under trees, around your property, and in landscape beds – this online weed killer requires no mixing, just spray it and wait. This weed killer comes in a handy spray bottle and can be kept and stored easily anywhere around the house. It comes in handy when shifting homes and can last for a long time. We Ship Across Canada Killex ships all over Canada and our ready-to-use weed control bottles are the most ideal methods to deliver the product onto the weeds, especially for effective spot treatment. You can nip baby weeds in the bud, along with over 30 other types of weeds with our online weedkiller in Ontario, and rest assured that your shrubs, flowers, vines, or trees nearby will remain safe and unaffected. Most of our customers worry about their fur babies on the lawn, especially with a lot of chemicals being used but you have nothing to worry about. Our products are safe and will not harm them at all. Our attach and spray lawn weed control is fast-acting and produces results in only a couple of hours, so you don’t need to wait for long. Once the weeds are dead, you can dispose of them elsewhere in the garden and enjoy your fresh and green lawn. When you buy online weedkiller from us, you’re assured of the best. Our customer service representatives are available online and we even have a feedback form for any kind of queries. Contact Us Today! You can get in touch with us for any questions or comments on 1 800 350 3693 or email us at and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours. Our products take around three to six business days to reach you depending on your location. Getting rid of weeds has never been easier with Lawn Supplements at your side.