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Must-have Lawn Care Products and Tools to Keep Your Lawn Green and Beautiful

When it comes to lawn care and maintenance regularly, you need some essential lawn care products and tools to manage everything professionally. You can avoid hiring professional lawn care services for the tasks that you can perform DIY way to save some money. All you need to have some lawn care products in your garage all the time to perform essential lawn care and maintenance jobs to keep your plants green and healthy in all seasons.

When you have stocked everything, you don’t need to rush to a nearby hardware store in case you need to perform some seasonal lawn care and maintenance job. Here’s the list of essential Lawn Care Products that you should have to keep your lawn green and beautiful:

Pest control

Pest controls are essential to keep unwanted visitors such as insects, groundhogs, cutworms, grubs, armyworms, chinch bugs, squirrels, and rabbits away from your lawn.


You need to fertilize your plants and lawn grass with essential and organic fertilizers time-to-time to provide them much-needed nutrients and supplements for healthy growth.


You need to remove unwanted plants from your lawn using Weed killers to leave the desired plants and crops unharmed.

 Grass seed

Grass seeds are essential to fill bare patches in your lawn and keep your grass thick and healthy all the time. It is a great way to prevent weeds in your lawn.

Walk spreader

Walk spreader is an essential tool to evenly distribute fertilizers, supplements, and weed killers in your lawn. Dump a bag of fertilizer in your walk spreader and start walking to sprinkle it all over the garden in equal proportion.


Loppers are one of the most widely used lawn care tools to cut through unwanted and thicker branches on trees. They are a type of scissors, also known as a tree trimmer or branch cutter, used to cut twigs and branches of trees in your lawn.


Also knows as lawn rakes or leaf rakes, they are one of the most essential lawn care tools to remove  leaves and lawn debris without damaging grass or lawn soil.


Shovels are very useful equipment to work in your lawn or garden. They are used for digging holes, edging your lawn, marking a trench, or cutting through sod for various purposes during the lawn maintenance

These are some of the most basic and must-have Lawn Care Products and tools that everyone should have to keep their lawn green and beautiful all the time. You can easily purchase them online from a reputed online hardware store in your region for regular lawn care and maintenance applications.