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How to Prevent and Control Weeds in your Lawn?

Yikes, what are those crabgrass patches, dandelions and some clover in the middle of your lush green and well maintained lawn? Yes, they are the infamous weeds, which are known to be a nightmare for most of the homeowners who like to maintain their lawns.

Seeing these weeds grow after putting your time and energy into your lawn is somewhat unfair. You might have done everything in your power to prevent weeds from growing, but they can still pop up out of nowhere. Fortunately, it is not a lost cause yet. There are certain steps you can take in order to control and get rid of all the weeds in your lawn. However, before you dive into that, it is important to know what exactly weeds are.

What are weeds?

In simple terms, a weed can be defined as any plant which grows where it is not supposed to or wanted. Some of the most common lawn weeds are grassy, broadleaf, and grass-like weeds. They all might look kind of different, but they are all plants that grow out of place, spoiling the overall look of your lawn.

Now that you are somewhat aware of what weeds are, we can get into more details about the controlling and prevention of weeds.

There might be times when you feel like there are more weeds than grass in your lawn, but don’t worry, you can get your lawn back to its weed-free state by tackling this problem head-on. In order to fertilize your lawn and control the existing weeds simultaneously, then you might want to use a reliable and high-quality Lawn Weed Control product. The formulas used in the making of these products tend to save your time and energy by getting rid of stubborn weeds and strengthening your lawn at the same time. However, even if you think that it’s not the time to fertilize your lawn, you still have the ability to control weeds with more straight-forward lawn weed control products. Before using these kinds of products, it is crucial to always read the instructions for using them correctly.

If your lawn possesses only a few weeds here and there, you can always try hand-pulling them. Some of the weeds have shallow roots and can easily be removed by hand-pulling. On the other hand, there are some weeds that possess deep and extensive roots into the soil and are much harder to control or remove by hand-pulling. Even if you do manage to pull them out, a small piece of root is bound to get left in the ground, which would grow the weed back.

So, if you don’t want to risk hand pulling weeds even if there are only a few weeds in your lawn, you can spot treat them with a ready to use Lawn Weed Control Product. A product which is labeled for use on lawns would target only the harmful weeds without causing any damage to the rest of the lawn. However, it is vital to check the product label and make sure that it is compatible with your particular grass type.