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RoundUp® Concentrated Grass & Weed Control, 1-L

RoundUp® Concentrated Grass & Weed Control, 1-L

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Round up Concentrate Non-Selective Herbicide 1L

Will eliminate unwanted weeds and grass which are taking over your driveway or patio. Intended for use in large affected areas, this 1L container delivers 21 L of ready-to-use product when mixed. Visible symptoms of control will occur within 3 days with complete kill in 2-4 weeks.
  • Controls unwanted weeds and Grass on hard surfaces and landscapes
  • Ideal for large affected areas
  • Kills to the root
  • 1 L Concentrate makes 20 L of end use product
  • Can be applied with a tank sprayer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Roger Spies

Great product

Amy Iqbal
Good stuff

I am happy with this product. It worked.

Brenna Basford
Kills ALL

Works amazing, kill all the weeds and grass as I prepped for a deck

Sue Williams
Got the results I was looking for

It eliminates unwanted weeds and grass very effectively

Alice Rhodd
It works great.

It worked out for me. got rid of most of the weed from my lawn.


Description 1L of Roundup Super Concentrate Our Roundup weed control in Ontario is a range of professional turf care products that are designed for Canadian turf professionals to provide you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your lawns. The Roundup Weed Killer from Lawn Supplements is specially innovated and developed with a special formulation offering professionals and home-owners both the widest array of products with active ingredients. Each product of ours provides solutions for your lawns and over 50 types of weed problems. It can be used in industries, public parks, homes, and even on sports turfs. The Roundup weed killer in Canada is backed by research and a dedicated team of professionals ensuring that our products are safe, effective, and non-toxic. Roundup Ontario can help you keep your lawns weed-free by killing all unwanted grass, weeds, and plants to the root. It will show you results in under 24 hours and can be used even for larger more affected areas. One liter of this super concentrate will make up to 51 liters as the end-use product. This can be used in small to medium farms, gardens, schools, parks, playgrounds, and more Our products are tough on weeds yet safe for people and animals and have powerful alternative ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. Our best Roundup weed killer in Ontario is cost-effective and comes with special patented technology to achieve optimum results. It works quickly and easily to control any unwanted weeds and grasses. Ensure that you evenly spray it on all the weeds and do not apply to wet grass or damp lawns as the extra moisture will dilute the spray and weaken its impact. Hassle-free Delivery across Canada. We deliver all over Canada and it takes from three to six business days to get your products. Our store is available online if you want to go and select any products or see our range of products for yourself. Our products are safe for you and your family and will not harm any of your lawns, flowering plants, trees, and other types of plants, they are meant to target only unwanted weeds (Read the manufacturer manual for full information). Our Roundup weed killer in Canada is widely used by homeowners, hobbyists, small lot owners, and lifestyle farmers and can be used to keep away weeds from fruit and vegetable gardens as well. It can even be used indoors, on balconies, or as a spot treatment on potted plants in your home. Contact Us Today If you have any kinds of questions you can give us a call on our toll-free number 1 800 350 3693 or you can even write to us at Do give us 24 hours to get back to you with the needed information. Our staff is well trained and professional, so if you drop by the store, they will be able to help you pick a product that is right for your garden.