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Wilson WeedOut Ultra Concentrate, 500-mL

Wilson WeedOut Ultra Concentrate, 500-mL

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  • Selectively kills weeds in lawns but will not harm turf grasses 

Small bottle but strong ingredient inside!

    Customer Reviews

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    Casssie Mason
    Highly recommend!

    Oh my goodness! This product was phenomenal. I truly did not expect much. I've been disappointed by many products since the no-pesticide rule came into effect in Ontario, Canada years ago. Wilson Weed Out Ultra however starts to work immediately, and the results are amazing. For the first test, I sprayed the area and ignored it until the next day. Weeds were gone. For the second test, I kept checking throughout the day. Within 2 hours I could see the weeds browning. By the 12 hours mark, they were completely dead.

    Ally Hemphill
    Affordable and Effective Weed Killer

    I used Wilson WeedOut Ultra on a problem garden area that was being overtaken with a ground ivy. The easy spray application allowed for direct contact with no overspray onto other plants close by. The plants that were sprayed showed good results after 5 days and because of the wet conditions after I sprayed there was still a bit of patchy spots to be reapplied. I would definitely use the product again and recommend it to friends and family.

    Michaela Robertson
    Worked very well

    Selectively kills weeds in lawns but will not harm turf grasses

    Kaitlin Sams
    Easy to use. It does work

    The product does work. It just took a few applications. The 1st time I was getting some Browning but didn't I didn't kill the weeds completely. I guess i didn't put enough on. The 2nd time a few days later, I gave them a much heavier application and most died. A third application a couple days later was needed to deal with the largest patch. I'm satisfied.

    Jennifer Thiry
    Easy to use, highly recommend

    It works great, had a good result, easy to use, in good price