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Top Greener Ways to Control Weeds in Your Lawn in Ontario

A lawn without grass is not a lawn! Green and well-fed grass is what defines the beauty of a lawn. However, when you have a lawn, the grass is not the only thing that grows there. Weeds also start growing on your lawn. Sadly, most homeowners in Ontario and nearby provinces try to get rid of them using cheap weedicides that harm their lawns in the long-term.

If you also have a lawn, you would be happy to know that there are more economical, sustainable, and greener weed control methods to minimize or eliminate weeds in your lawn. What are these ways? Let’s check them out.


When you cover the soil with an extra layer of organic matter, such as mulch, it can discourage the growth of weeds and prevent new seeds from germinating. You can combine mulch with a variety of matter, such as compost, bark, wood chips, grass clippings, straw, etc. However, you should not use hay as it may contain numerous unwanted seeds.

Manual Removal

Manual removal of weeds is considered an effective spot treatment basically for every type of weeds. However, many weeds may reappear and need to be manually removed again. Consistent hand-weeding is known to reduce weed populations over time. When you dig out young weeds, they won’t be able to seed and reproduce. While this method is fine for small lawns with fewer weeds, it can be very time-consuming to clear all the weeds out of a bigger lawn. However, this method won’t harm your lawn in any way.


Weeds cannot grow and wreak havoc on your lawn if there is not enough space for them to grow. To avoid weed growth, try planting dense ground covers and perennial plants in ornamental lawn beds. The shade and heavy root systems of trees and shrubs can prevent weeds from growing underneath. If your lawn struggles with serious weed problems, then make sure that you use grass varieties that are suitable for different conditions, like shade and drought where regular lawn grass might not grow properly and leave space for unwanted guests.


Solarizing is an effective process that involves covering an area of densely populated weeds with a heavy plastic sheet. This technique works better in areas that get sufficient sunlight because weeds are killed by the heat trapped underneath the sheet. When all weeds become brown and desiccated, you can remove the sheet.

No Tilling

When you turn over the soil in your lawn or garden, it brings new seeds to the surface, giving them the opportunity to grow alongside your ornamental plants. If you are seeding vegetables, dig only as far as it is needed to plant the seed rather than carrying out deep tilling. The no-till method helps improve the soil structure and fertility and also increases the number of beneficial soil organisms.

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