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Some Lawn Care Maintenance Tips for Winter Months

Most people eagerly wait for winter to get several months off from their lawn-mowing duties. They feel it’s time to relax as grass doesn’t grow much with the fall in the temperature. Not only mowing, several people believe that there is nothing to do in terms of lawn care maintenance in the winter months.

As a property owner, you might also have a similar thought process, but it isn’t right. Your lawn needs care and maintenance in every season. The only difference will be that lawn care in winter will not be as intensive as the spring and summer lawn care process. You only have to do the following things to maintain your lawn in the winter months and prepare the grass for the summer and fall months.

Mowing the grass- Though mowing requirements are less in the winter months, you shouldn’t eliminate it completely. If there are lots of leaves laying on the top. You should mow the grasses weekly in winters.

Other than mowing, mulching is important to provide nutrients to the grass and soil. After mulching, the small bits of grass will decompose easily and provide the required nutrients.

Treating the weed- No matter what the season is, weed will appear on your lawn as an uninvited guest. It’s more in summer and spring months, but not-so-less in winter months. It’s equally challenging to deal with weed growth.

You should Professional Lawn Care Products to control the growth of weed. You should apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the weeds from once the warmer season returns to your area. And you should apply a post-emergent herbicide to get rid of currently visible weeds on your lawn.

Irrigating the lawn- Based on your local climate and temperature, you should water your lawn throughout the winter. Also, you should know the water requirements of plants planted on your lawn.

Usually, dormant grass does not need to water regularly. But the grass that continues to stay green and grow through the winter may benefit from occasional water treatments.

Fertilizing the lawn- Mulching will provide nutrients to your soil through the winter but it isn’t enough when the grass begins to grow again. You should start fertilizing your lawn once notice a new bloom in your lawn.

According to experts, the mid-spring to very early summer is the best time to fertilize the lawn. At this time, fertilization provides the full range of nutrients required for the healthy growth of grass.

Checking the tools- As the lawn maintenance equipment is rarely used in winter months, you should use the time to keep a check on them. You should attend and take care of the mower, weed eater, edger, and other tools used regularly.

Maintaining the lawn care tools will prepare you for the spring and summer seasons and give a smoother experience in the lawn maintenance process.

Even though the Lawn Care and maintenance steps are specifically defined, they aren’t easy to implement if you are not professionally trained. So you should hire professional lawn care service providers and work with professional Lawn Care Products for the well-being of your lawn.