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How to Kill Weeds without Harming the Lawn?

Are you tired of getting rid of weeds?  No matter how much you try, they grow back. You try to treat them but you kill your good grass too. You put down a crabgrass preventer and still get dandelions. So, what's the solution?

Dandelions and other weeds have long taproots that can go down a foot or more. You need to get all of the roots, or else it will send up a new weed to replace the one you dug up. So, digging is more like a hit or miss game.

To wipe out weeds effectively and easily, you need Ortho Killex lawn weed control. It is available in a convenient, ready-to-use format. It also controls over 50 different lawn needs, including Dandelions, Plantain, Black Medick, English Daisy, Knotweed, Curled Dock, and Creeping Charlie. One of the best parts of using Killex is that it won’t harm your lawn.

Using Ortho Killex:

  1. Adjust nozzle to provide a required spray pattern
  2. After that, squeeze the trigger of the Killex to operate.
  3. Make sure you adjust the nozzle to give a coarse, wet stream.
  4. Then aim at weed; pull the trigger; only short burst.

Where You Should Not Use Ortho Killex:

  1. Do not apply to any water body.
  2. Do not contaminate irrigation, drinking water supplies, or aquatic habitats by cleaning equipment or disposal wastes.
  3. Make sure that the broadleaf terrestrial plants don’t come in contact with product spray. Do not spray on ornamental trees and plants, fruits, vegetables, or exposed roots of trees and ornamentals.
  4. Ortho Killex may harm bentgrass
  5. Do not apply Killex during strong winds.
  6. Do not apply to sidewalks, driveways, or any other hard surface.

When and How Often to Apply

Ortho Killex is designed to target the treatment of weedy lawn areas. Apply Ortho Killex to the leaves of actively growing weeds; it will be most-effective then. The weedkiller will not prevent new weeds, so apply only when weeds are present.

Some weeds may need up to a month for complete extermination. If required, you can apply it again after 3-4 weeks.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind, even the best cared lawns will have an occasional weed, like a dandelion. It is hard to completely kill the weeds. And the entire plant, including the root, of the dandelion, needs to be removed, or else they can grow back.

In order to get rid of dandelions or other weeds, use the most effective weed killer, Ortho Killex. Apply it to the dandelions and kill them without damaging your lawn.